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tequila colada Arkay alcohol-free

Tequila Colada

Craving a delicious pina colada? Try Arkay’s version of a non alcoholic piña colada, our Tequila Colada made with pineapple, honey, and our tequila flavored drink

Arkay alcohol free Tequila (45ml / 1.58 Fl Oz)
Lime juice (25 ml / 0.88 Fl Oz )
Pineapple juice (60ml / 2.11 Fl Oz)
Pineapple in slices (40 gr / 1.41 Oz)
Agave honey (15ml / 0.52 Fl Oz)
3 rosemary leaves
1 small piece of Pineapple for decoration

Add pineapple slices and 2 rosemary leaves into a glass and macerate, then add agave honey, Arkay alcohol free Tequila, pineapple juice and ice, mix for 10 seconds with a spoon.
Pour drink through a strainer into a new glass with ice, add lime juice and mix for 5 seconds.
You can use pineapple slices on top and a rose-mary leaf for decoration.