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tequila Arkay alcohol-free

El Cántaro

Your new favorite summer drink, a juicy and refreshing cántaro prepared with Arkay’s fresh tequila flavored drink.

Arkay alcohol free Tequila (75ml / 2.5Fl Oz)
1 quarter of a Pink grapefruit
1 Sweet lime
1/2 of an orange
1 lime
1 pinch of salt
Pink grapefruit soda (90ml / 3 Fl Oz)
Lime juice (30 ml / 1 Fl Oz)
Syrup (30ml / 1 Fl Oz)

In a big glass add fruits, a pinch of salt and macerate. Add Arkay Alcohol Free Tequila, lime juice, syrup and mix well for a at least 15 seconds. Pour liquid through a strainer into a new glass with ice, add the pink grapefruit soda and mix for another 15 seconds. If you want you can decorate with some lime, sweet lemon and pink grapefruit wedges on the top.