If you’re looking for a great way to promote and add profitability to your tavern, bar or Lounge. Arkay Skinny Cocktails, could be just the thing. These popular drinks are perfect for groups of friends enjoying a night on the town without the risk alcohol infused drinks can sometimes bring.

These cocktails are the ‘in thing’ now, especially with customers in their twenties and thirties and for those watching their diets but like the taste of many of the most popular alcohol drinks, Arkay offers that without the calories that are usually associated with alcoholic beverages.

Arkay Skinny Cocktails are becoming quite popular in taverns, pool-side bars and restaurants. They are not only excellent drinks, but provide the same taste of todays popular liquors and the novelty makes them perfect for tavern promotions.

Arkay products are perfect for frozen drinks or tequila cocktails. By purchasing the entire product line. You will see for yourself how your profit margin will increase since, these cocktails are becoming increasingly popular with summer party goers and female customers.

Though some alcoholic beverages may be called “light,” all alcohol contains calories. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid calories if you want to enjoy an alcoholic drink.

Arkay products are sugar-free when your calorie counting a little bit of what you fancy does a body good, and you can still stick to that diet. Take a look at Arkay complete list of diet-friendly non-alcoholic drink recipes on the next few pages. There you will see some of your favorite cocktails and also find several sugar free alternatives to try next time you’re in that favorite bar or lounge. Some of these diet-friendly drinks may surprise you!

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