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Strawberry Gin

Agave Spirit Colada

White Russian

Peppermint Whisky

Whisky Sour

Pink Passion

El Cántaro

Mexican Mule

Gin Fizz Bzz

Watermelon Tini


Capuccino Martini

Butterfly Gin & Tonic

Berry Nice

Dark Mojito Arkay

We Create The Most Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Drinks!

Arkay Beverages is the leader in refreshing non-alcoholic drinks, and our superior products have made us the most awarded non-alcoholic spirit beverage company globally.

The market size for refreshing non-alcoholic drinks we have created is set to reach $1363.1 billion by 2030. This is due to increased health awareness and changing lifestyles.

According to a study by Beyond Spirits Inc, the expanding acceptance of tasty non-alcoholic drinks has caused manufacturers to cater to the trend by innovating existing product portfolios.

We use W.A.R.M. as an alcohol replacement that warms and burns like actual liquor. When the W.A.R.M. molecule from our booze-free cocktails hits your tongue, it stimulates the brain, making you believe that you are drinking simple alcohol. 

Enjoy an alcohol-free night with our wide array of non-alcoholic spirits. Visit our website to browse through our flavors.

An Overview of The Market Of Non-alcoholic Beverages

The Bacardi Cocktail trend has reported that 58% of the global population is shifting to low-ABV and booze-free cocktails. With the COVID-19 pandemic raising health concerns, consumers have opted to replace alcohol with healthy alternatives like water, low-carb drinks, and tasty non-alcoholic drinks

The result of consumers opting for premium alcohol alternatives has led to the creation of an entirely new segment of premium soft drinks that are complex-tasting and suit the adult palate.

A Waitrose Food and Drink study conducted in October 2021 stated that the number of consumers searching for booze-free drinks increases by 22% yearly.

Arkay Beverages is one of the companies setting new trends by launching and expanding new product lines. In November 2011, we rolled out our gin, rum, whiskey, agave spirit, and brandy premium alcohol alternatives worldwide. Today, we are the dominating non-alcoholic beverage company in the market.

Major non-alcoholic beverage retailers are reporting a surge in demand for distilled non-alcoholic spirits with premium ingredients and new flavors.

Try Our Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Drinks Today!

Enjoy the refreshing and stimulating effects of alcohol without getting intoxicated. Our collection includes the following incredible drinks:

Our cold, crisp, and tasty non-alcoholic drinks will revolutionize your social experiences. Visit our cocktail section and choose from the best collection of non-alcoholic beverages on the market.